About commerTECH

We embrace a client focused circular organizational structure that ensures our clients are the primary focus.  Our team works together to support every customer need.  We also appreciate valued vendors.  This structure fosters the environment to continuously improve processes, products and services for the benefit of our customers.  

We share and promote the philosophy of guiding rational technology investment for the purposes of adding revenue and reducing costs.  Getting the most from your data requires specialization and expertise integrating diverse, enterprise-wide digital initiatives. We work with our clients to understand their individual business and technology needs and matching them to the appropriate options for their goals and budget.  

Our senior management has decades of experience with Fortune100 companies in a wide range of industries which gives us a deep understanding of the businesses that run on our solutions.  

We match the right amount of integration, automation, security and stability while causing the least interruption and added workload.  Understanding the business processes, the data that runs through them and the value of decision logic and reporting and round it all out with a start to finish, multi-faceted approach to information security.  

Our Team

Michael White, CEO & Chief Data Architect

Lars Jonhston, Sr. Data Architect

Mark Holman, Sr. Data Architect

MD Houssan, Sr. Programmer

Tarun V., .Net C-Sharp

Joao G., .Net C-Sharp

Yevhen H., Angular/React

Venkatesh S., Data Arch

Kasey E., Data Arch

Sairem Romen, K EDI

Chandra, P EDI

Vitaliy L., ETL

Muhammad Irfan, H ETL

Waseem A., SOLR

Shiv Kumar, T SOLR

Mohamed S., Sys Admin

Jon L., Sys Admin

Dinesh Patel, Power BI Specialist

Jason D’Ericco – Financial Analyst